Welcome to Sylvanian Park! Best Park in Osaka

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 Welcome to Sylvanian Park!

Let’s have a good time at the outdoor theme park Sylvanian Park” that reproduces the village of Sylvania ♪
If you go through the motif of “house with a red roof”, Sylvanian Families will be waiting for you! Let’s go to the world of Sylvanian Families
full of excitement !


The building with the motif of “house with a red roof” is the entrance of Sylvanian Park ♪ Let’s take a commemorative photo with Flair when the reception is over! Something wonderful in the month of birth ♪ Please talk to the staff!

Big house with red roof

The Chocolat Rabbit Family welcomes you at the “Big House with a Red Roof” where the Chocolat Rabbit Family lives. cheese!

Yumeiro Yuenchi of the castle

Amusement park where babies of Sylvanian Families play happily. You can enjoy playing in the ball pool or playing a musical instrument ♪ * The use of the ball pool will be suspended for the time being.

Central flower bed

A cute flower bed full of seasonal flowers in the middle of the village of Sylvania. Take a photo of your day here with your Sylvanian friends and a calendar board!

Wind Hill Stage

Friends of the Sylvanian Families come to play every day on the stage, so you can take pictures together ♪ Let’s take a commemorative photo and leave a lot of fun memories!

Sylvanian Families history museum

It is a place where you can feel the history of the Sylvanian Families, such as past video works and products.
A fun Sylvanian anime is also showing ♪

Forest pounding tree house

A tree house built around a big tree!
The baby is on a swing comfortably ♪ It’s fun to be able to slide on the slide!

Exciting log house in the forest

A log house where members of the Sylvanian Families gather and enjoy their stay.
There are hammocks, fireplaces and cakes inside, and you can feel the excitement ♪

Nijiiro Yochien Bus

A cute sky blue bus for babies to go to the kindergarten!
When you sit in the driver’s seat, the beautiful view of Sylvania village spreads out on the windshield, and you can experience as if you

Glitter lake

Glitter Lake, which is said to have rainbow fish ♪
The mysterious rock in the middle of Glitter Lake is … what an apple shape!

Mini game

There are many mini games that anyone can play in Sylvanian Park, such as “Fish Festival”, “Donguri Korokoro Game”, and “Wanage”.

Rental costumes

Let’s take a walk in Sylvanian Park wearing matching costumes such as “Chocolat Rabbit Girl Flair” and “Walnut Squirrel Boy Ralph” ♪

* Limited quantity

Quiz rally present

Answer the quiz of Sylvanian Park and get baby dolls of Sylvanian Families ♪

Raincoat gift

A raincoat for baby dolls will be given to friends who enter on a rainy day ♪
If the baby doll of “Iriguchi” is wearing a raincoat, you have a chance to get a present!

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