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A theme park located in Konohana Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. Opened in 2001. It was planned as the development of Universal Studios, an American theme park affiliated with Universal Pictures, a major American movie company in Japan. There are movies such as “Spider-Man,” “Jurassic Park,” “And Jaws,” animated films such as “Shrek”, and attractions with themes such as Snoopy and Hello Kitty.

The Sakurajima district of Konohana Ward, where the park is located, was a landfill with large factories lined up as the core of the Hanshin Industrial Area. Since the 1980s, companies have withdrawn due to the decline in the weight of heavy industry, and vacant lots have been vacant. In the 90s, Osaka City proposed the area to Universal Studios, which was considering expanding into Japan for effective land use and industrial promotion. It is operated by USJ Co., Ltd., established as a third sector in which Osaka City has a majority stake. In the first year, the number of visitors was 11 million, but since then, it has been sluggish at about 8 million, and management has been difficult due to debt repayment and interest payments. In 2005, Goldman Sachs of the United States took over the company, carried out refinancing, and proceeded with management restructuringAs a result of aggressive measures to attract customers, the number of visitors has continued to increase since 2011, reaching a cumulative total of 100 million in 2012 and exceeding 10 million annually in 2013.
Since there is no room to increase attractions on the current site, the company announced in 2014 that it plans to build a theme park of the same size outside of Kansai. It is said that it is narrowing down the candidate sites to Japan and Asian countries with the aim of opening before the 20th Tokyo Olympics. It is said that the construction cost is several hundred billion yen, and it is expected to attract overwhelming customers even after the opening.

Osaka City’s theme park “Universal Studios Japan” (USJ) announced on the 22nd that it would end the operation of the suspended attraction “Attack on Titan XR Ride” ahead of its original schedule.

 From March 4th, USJ will develop “Universal Cool Japan 2022,” where you can enjoy the content that represents Japan. “Attack on Titan” is a high-speed roller coaster that you can enjoy wearing virtual reality (VR) goggles and experience the fight against the giant.
 Initially, it was scheduled to be held until August 28, like other contents, but it was suspended from July 19 due to a system adjustment. USJ revealed the situation after that, “It turned out that it will take some time to recover,” but suddenly, “Although it is during the holding period,” Attack on Titan XR Ride “does not resume operation and moves forward. We have decided to end it. ” “We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to everyone who looked forward to attacking Titan XR Ride’,” he apologized.
 Gourmand and goods of “Attack on Titan” will continue to be provided. The “Express Pass” that allows priority boarding at this attraction can be transferred to other “Express Pass” eligible attractions (excluding “Mario Kart”, “Yoshi’s Adventure”, and other paid attractions).
 At the sudden end of the featured content during the summer vacation, fans said, “I was trying to go for this …” “Yeah !!!!!! I was shocked to go to the summer vacation.” “I have no reason to go anymore …” lamented.

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