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The city of Osaka is full of longed-for luxury hotels. It is recommended for a luxurious trip to experience extraordinary things nearby. A higher-grade experience awaits at various hotels such as “The Ritz-Carlton Osaka” and “InterContinental Hotel Osaka” which overlooks the city from the upper floors, and “RIHGA Royal Hotel” which is popular as the “guesthouse of Osaka.”

Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel

“Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel” is located in Abeno Harukas, the tallest skyscraper in Japan. The 360 ​​guest rooms boast an unobstructed view on the 38th to 55th floors. You can enjoy a dynamic night view of Osaka and different views from each room, such as Osaka Bay and Akashi Strait.

If you want to enjoy the view more, we recommend the corner room with a view bath and rain shower. You can occupy the scenery while relaxing in the bathtub. The room has two windows, and you can enjoy the night view of Osaka from the bed.

Breakfast is American breakfast, continental breakfast, or a Japanese set meal at the restaurant on the 19th floor. Facilities like a fitness gym and the observation deck “Harukas 300” (charged) are also substantial.

Intercontinental Hotel Osaka

“InterContinental Hotel Osaka” is located in “Grand Front Osaka” directly connected to JR Osaka Station. The guest rooms are a calm space incorporating a Japanese atmosphere into a stylish contemporary interior. Even if it is a standard room, if it is a deluxe type, almost all the rooms are spacious, with about 50 square meters or more, and boast an open bathroom with 3 types of showers.
The upper-floor residence room, which has a separate living room, dining room, and functional kitchen, is recommended for families with children and long-term stays. You can spend your private time as if you were at your second home. The hotel is fully equipped with 5 restaurants and bars, such as a French and grill, and various facilities, such as a gym, pool, and jacuzzi, that guests can use for free.

Conrad Osaka

Conrad Osaka,” where you can enjoy a panoramic view about 200 meters above the ground from all guest rooms. All guest rooms are luxuriously built over 50 square meters so that you can relax.

The premium view room, limited to the north and south sides, boasts an unobstructed view. You can see the Yodo River, the surrounding mountains, and the plane landing at Itami Airport from the north guest room. From the south side guest room, you can see the cityscape of Osaka and the historical buildings of Nakanoshima.

One of the attractions is that artworks are scattered throughout the building, including the artwork “Fu / Rai” on the lobby floor, which the god of wind and thunder inspired. That number is about 390! It is also recommended to visit each floor and enjoy the art tour.

The St. Regis Hotel Osaka

“The St. Regis Hotel Osaka” stands along Midosuji. Most suites, popular on special occasions, are on the top floor and have large windows with views of Osaka city.

Each room has a different theme, such as the “Yuri Suite,” which is unified with pale pink and soft ivory color, and the “Pine Suite,” which has a floor with the warmth of wood and an interior with the image of a pine tree. No doubt will go up! The “St. Regis Butler Service” plan that meets each individual’s needs, such as unpacking, packing, and drink service, is also attractive.

In the plan with meals, you can choose from a set menu such as a course meal dinner using abundant high-class ingredients such as black abalone and Kitauchi ranch premium beef, and an American breakfast and Japanese set meal for breakfast.

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka

“ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Osaka” has the largest club lounge in western Japan. You can use a deep space like a museum with masterpieces and antique furniture instead of a living room.

Among the rooms where the lounge can be used, the premium club floor guest rooms are created with a focus on coziness that transcends generations, such as cocoon-like walls and white oak furniture.

In addition, we have introduced a unique sleep program “Sleep Advantage,” supervised by a good sleep consultant in all rooms. It is comfortable with 5 types of pillows with selectable height and hardness, originally blended tea, aroma, bath salts, etc. Facilities and amenities to support sleep are provided. It will make your room stay a more special time.

Hyatt Regency Osaka

“Hyatt Regency Osaka” is an urban resort hotel with an open location that overlooks the cityscape of Osaka Bay and the Bay Area.

Approximately 2,500 pieces of art that blend in with each other throughout the hotel are based on the hotel’s original art program directed by Fumi Kimura. You can enjoy the original art that creates the gorgeousness and relaxation unique to the hotel.

The 480 guest rooms are available in various types to suit the occasion. Above all, the Regency Club Room facing the bay area boasts a view. You can enjoy the gorgeous night view of Osaka from the shower booth with a view bath with a bathtub facing the window and a marble bench.

Swissotel Nankai Osaka

Directly connected to Nankai Namba Station, “Swissotel Nankai Osaka” is a luxury hotel representing Minami, Osaka. Excellent access to shopping, culture, and entertainment. It features 6 on-site restaurants and fitness facilities.

A stylish space that tickles playfulness with guest rooms that combine contemporary Swiss interiors with traditional Japanese elements. Among them, guests staying in executive rooms and suites on the 32nd to 34th floors can enjoy the upper floors’ unique views and all-day refreshments and evening cocktails in the private space of the Swiss Executive Club Lounge.

Breakfast with panoramic views is exceptional at the restaurant “Tabora 36” on the hotel’s top floor.

The Westin Osaka

The Westin Osaka offers a calm space and high-quality services as a “hotel that helps milestones in life.” All guest rooms are spacious and over 41 square meters. We recommend the luxury room on the upper floors to enjoy the gorgeous night view.

One of the attractions is the extensive on-site facilities, such as the lobby lounge, where you can enjoy afternoon tea with seasonal themes, the relaxation salon, and multiple restaurants, such as Japanese, Chinese, and Western cuisine. With room service that allows you to enjoy dinner and breakfast in your room, you can enjoy your meal in a private space without hesitation.

The Ritz-Carlton Osaka

“The Ritz-Carlton Osaka” is also popular for weddings and afternoon tea. The interior concept is the traditional Georgian style of 18th-century England. Paintings and works of art are displayed in the hall, creating a luxurious atmosphere that makes you feel as if you were visiting an aristocratic mansion in the past.

The guest rooms are located on the upper floors from the 24th to the 37th floor, and you can enjoy a view full of openness. Even standard guest rooms, such as Italian marble bathrooms and terry-woven bathrobes, are luxuriously constructed and are perfect for a staycation.

For plans with breakfast, you can choose from an American breakfast where you can enjoy omelets and egg benedict prepared by the chef after receiving your order or a Japanese breakfast.

Imperial Hotel Osaka

“Imperial Hotel Osaka” is located in the city’s center but is rich along the slowly flowing river. Seven room types are available, divided into regular floors that meet various needs from business to family trips and imperial floors that are perfect for special occasions due to their dignified beauty and high functionality. The calm design of the room creates a sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere.

There is also a concept room for “Doorman Snoopy” that you can only meet here! It is a nice privilege to enjoy “Snoopy Special Breakfast” and original goods in the room service with “Snoopy Pan”.

In addition, some plans are ideal for a wake-up stay, such as a plan to enjoy a relaxing breakfast with room service.

Hotel Hankyu International

“Hotel Hankyu International,” where all guest rooms are located on the upper floors, and you can monopolize the night view of Osaka. Guest rooms combining functionality and elegance are available in various room types, from luxury to regular floors. The “Deluxe Twin” with a view bath, which also has a window in the bathroom, allows you to enjoy the view of the city of Osaka below while relaxing in the bath.

There are 11 restaurants to choose from, including a buffet and cafe restaurant, a tea lounge, and a sky restaurant where you can enjoy food and night views simultaneously. It is also attractive to have room service where you can relax and enjoy your meal in your room.

Rihga Royal Hotel

The long-established “Rihga Royal Hotel” has been popular as a “guest house in Osaka” for over 80 years. Of the guest rooms divided into five floors, the 19th to 22nd floors of the Tower Wing are natural comfort floors with a spiritual atmosphere with a natural theme. Each floor has various guest room types with the image of forest, sea, sky, and flowers. In addition, you can choose from high-grade deluxe floors, superior floors popular with couples, and Universal Studios Japan (R) collaboration rooms, depending on your needs.

The buffet style with about 80 items such as home-polished rice and pickles in Kansai, the long-established Japanese restaurant “Nadaman,” and the breakfast provided by room service is also popular so you can choose your favorite dining place with a plan with breakfast. Increase.

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