Top 06 Japanese Cuisine Rankings Popular in Osaka

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 Dynamic seafood miso hot pot and exciting boat serving at “Drinking place Maruya” near Kizu wholesale market

It is an izakaya in Namba Kizu Machi Yokocho in the Kizu wholesale market, and although it looks simple with a vinyl cover, there are table seats and counter seats. This store features miso hot pot with plenty of seafood and a lively boat-filled menu, and especially the winter season-limited oyster hot pot is an exquisite dish with many repeaters. The one-of-a-kind snack menu is also extensive, so it is recommended for those who like alcohol.

Sushi fierce battlefield! Tenma’s reasonable and delicious non-rotating sushi “Harukoma”

“Harukoma” is a popular sushi restaurant in Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street, which is said to be “the longest in Japan” where many people come and go, and it is reasonably priced among the two-story restaurants with counter seats and tables. You can enjoy sushi. All of them have a large amount of material, and it is attractive that they are satisfying to eat. It’s easy to get in line, so it’s better to go early. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy the deliciousness of freshly sushi without making it.

The popular French bistro “Quatre Lapin” in Kitashinchi, Osaka, has an exceptional steak lunch.

Quatre Lapin is a hideaway French bistro located about 7 minutes from Kitashinchi Station. The steak lunch that is served dynamically is a specialty, and there are also a variety of French menus that are reasonably priced and can be enjoyed without having to worry about shoulders and elbows. You can enjoy a plate that uses plenty of seasonal ingredients. There are table seats in the store where you can see the outside, centering on the counter, and you can use them according to your needs.

Shinsekai in Tsutenkaku “Sabei sushi” with only a counter in a deep town swallowed from the morning

At the shop in the new world “Janjan Yokocho” near Tsutenkaku, you can enjoy sushi and single dishes using fresh seafood at a reasonable price. There is only a counter inside the store, and one of the attractions is that you can easily drop in by yourself. There is a wide variety of exquisite menus such as the first volume of sushi rice, eel head and tofu stewed in a hot pot. It is a nice point to enjoy the nigiri sushi set for lunch at a low price.

All-you-can-eat soba in the basement of Umeda, a prime location in Osaka! “Shinshuan Whity Umeda”

At Shinshuan in Whitey, an underground shopping mall in Umeda, raw noodles are delivered to the store as they are from the noodle factory, and you can enjoy the original aroma and throat of soba. The feature is that such a special soba has an exceptional menu of all-you-can-eat, and there is plenty of service that you can change the soup stock and condiments freely. The pure Japanese-style arrangement of the restaurant creates a calm meal time, so it is recommended for those who want to eat plenty of soba slowly.

Unlimited time for lunch and dinner! Luxury buffet “Night & Day” at a luxury hotel

Among the luxury hotels in Osaka, Hotel Hankyu International’s Night & Day is the most popular buffet. There are more than 50 menu items that you can enjoy in an open space with natural light. Moreover, since you can enjoy it for an unlimited amount of time, it is attractive that you can fully enjoy it until dessert time. It is a popular buffet where you can enjoy various delicious foods in Japanese, Western and Chinese at once.

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