Osaka Traffic Information Guide Complete capture of local traffic information!

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This page summarizes traffic information in Osaka. This information is for people who visit Osaka for sightseeing.

You won’t get a sense of distance or a transfer image if you don’t know the land.
We will collect information so travelers can enjoy sightseeing in Osaka with peace of mind, so please have a look.

Transportation access to Osaka

From all over the country to Osaka

Point of departure means Time required price detail
Tokyo bullet train About 2 hours and 30 minutes About 13,900 yen confirmation
Sapporo airplane About 2 hours About 10,000 yen confirmation
Sendai airplane About 1 hour and 30 minutes About 8,000 yen confirmation
Nagoya bullet train About 50 minutes About 6,000 yen confirmation
Kanazawa Limited express About 2 hours and 40 minutes About 7,650 yen confirmation
Hiroshima bullet train About 1 hour and 20 minutes About 10,000 yen confirmation
Takamatsu bullet train About 2 hours About 7,800 yen confirmation
Fukuoka airplane About 1 hour About 10,000 yen confirmation
Naha airplane About 2 hours About 38,000 yen confirmation

* Prices are for reference only. Please check the details for details.

See access from other departure points.

Hokkaido Iwate Aomori Akita Fukushima Miyagi Yamagata
Niigata Tochigi Nagano Gunma Toyama Ishikawa Fukui
Chiba Ibaraki Kanagawa Saitama Yamanashi Aichi Gifu Shizuoka
Shiga Triple Kyoto Wakayama Nara Hyogo
Tottori Shimane Hiroshima Okayama Yamaguchi Ehime Kochi Tokushima Kagawa
Fukuoka Oita Nagasaki Saga Kumamoto Miyazaki Kagoshima Okinawa

From all over Kansai to Osaka

Point of departure Destination means Time required price
Kyoto Station Osaka station Train (JR) 28 minutes 570 yen
Kyoto Kawaramachi Station Umeda Station Train (Hankyu) 43 minutes 400 yen
Sanjo Station Yodoyabashi Station Train (Keihan) 51 minutes 420 yen
Sannomiya Station Osaka station Train (JR) 20 minutes 410 yen
Kobe Sannomiya Umeda Station Train (Hankyu) 27 minutes 320 yen
Nara station Osaka station Train (JR) 51 minutes 810 yen
Kintetsu Nara Station Osaka Namba Station Train (Kintetsu) 40 minutes 570 yen
Wakayama Station Osaka station Train (JR) 1 hour and 30 minutes 1,270 yen
Wakayamashi Station Namba station Train (express) 1 hour 90 yen

Arrived in Osaka! Subsequent means of transportation

Arrive in Osaka by Shinkansen

Destination means Time required price
Osaka station Train (JR) 5 minutes 160 yen
Umeda Station Train (Midosuji Line) 6 minutes 230 yen
Shinsaibashi Station Train (Midosuji Line) 13 minutes 230 yen
Namba station Train (Midosuji Line) 15 minutes 280 yen
USJ Train (JR) 23 minutes 220 yen

Arrive in Osaka by plane

Destination means Time required price
Osaka station bus About 30 minutes 640 yen
Umeda Station Train (monorail) → Train (Hankyu Takarazuka Line) 22 minutes 420 yen
Around Namba bus About 30 minutes 640 yen
Namba station Train (monorail) → Train (Hankyu Takarazuka Line) → Train (Midosuji Line) 40 minutes 650 yen
Shinsaibashi Station Train (monorail) → Train (Hankyu Takarazuka Line) → Train (Midosuji Line) 38 minutes 650 yen

Great ticket information to enjoy Osaka more

Not only in Osaka but also in sightseeing spots, there are local tour tickets that you can enjoy at a great price.
If you use those tickets well, you can enjoy sightseeing and go out at a great price.
Especially in Osaka, many great tickets are available, so why not find a ticket that suits you?

Recommended ticket

Here are some of the most recommended tickets!

Osaka Tour Pass

This is the strongest excursion pass, where you can enjoy unlimited rides on trains and buses for one day and more than 35 sightseeing spots for free.
However, since JR is not included, it is necessary to set the route well by using the subway, Hankyu, Hanshin, buses, etc.

  • Summary: All-you-can-ride trains and buses for one day + free of charge at target facilities
  • Price: 2,500 yen
  • Target trains and buses
    • Osaka Subway: Midosuji Line, Chuo Line, Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line, Tanimachi Line, Sennichimae Line, Imazatosuji Line, Yotsubashi Line, Sakaisuji Line, Nanko Port Town Line
    • Private Railways: Hankyu Railway, Hanshin Electric Railway, Nankai Electric Railway, Kintetsu Railway, Keihan Railway
  • Target facilities: Umeda Sky Building Aerial Garden, HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel, Osaka City Science Museum, Osaka Castle Tower, Tsutenkaku, Tempozan Ferris Wheel, etc.

Welcome to Osaka Ticket

This is a tour ticket issued by Nankai Electric Railway. It is perfect for sightseeing, mainly in Namba via Kansai International Airport.
The discount rate to the facility is not so high, but for those who take a walk from Namba, transportation expenses alone are enough to pay for it.

  • Summary: Limited express Rapi: t one-way ticket / limited express ticket + Osaka subway / Osaka city bus 1-day free ticket + discount for each facility
  • Price: 1,650 yen
  • Target train
    • Limited express Rapi: t one-way ticket
    • All Osaka Subway and Osaka City Bus lines
  • Check the details

Ticket list

Ticket name
Osaka Tour Pass
OSAKA Kaiyu Ticket
Welcome to Osaka Ticket
Enjoy Eco Card
Hirakata GO! GO! ticket
Nara / Ikaruga 1day ticket
Uji / Fushimi 1day ticket
Kurama / Kibune 1day ticket
Water capital Osaka enjoyment ticket
Chika Sekiku Ticket
Kansai International Airport Access Ticket
Kyoto Access Ticket
Hankyu Hanshin 1day Pass
Kyoto / Arashiyama 1day pass
Hokukyu Monorail Kyoto Outing Ticket
Good ancient city ticket
Kobe Town Tour 1day Coupon
Kobe holiday
Arima Rokko Tour 1day Pass
Rokko / Maya Leisure Ticket
Koyasan 1day ticket
Universal Studios Japan Special Ticket
Red Hell Ticket
Spring Kansai 1 Day Pass
Summer Kansai 1 Day Pass
Osaka Gururin Pass

Capture the train in Osaka

List of train routes

Route name Main station
JR West
JR East
Subway Midosuji Line
Subway Tanimachi Line
Subway Yotsubashi Line
Subway Chuo Line
Subway Sennichimae Line
Subway Sakaisuji Line
Subway Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line
Subway Imazatosuji Line
Hankyu train Umeda Station, Juso Station, Awaji Station, Takatsuki Station
Hanshin Electric Railway Umeda Station
Keihan Electric Railway
Kintetsu train
Nankai Electric Railway / Hankai Tramway
Osaka Monorail Osaka Airport Station, Expo’70 Commemorative Park Station, Minami Ibaraki Station, Senri Chuo Station
Kita-Osaka Kyuko
Nose Electric Railway
Semboku Rapid Railway
Mizuma Railway

Capture the bus in Osaka.

Column useful for traveling to Osaka

Frequently Asked Questions about Traffic Information in Osaka

Are “Osaka Station” and “Umeda Station” the same station?

“Osaka Station” refers to JR Osaka Station. “Umeda Station” exists on multiple lines, and there are three lines: Hankyu Railway, Subway Midosuji Line, and Hanshin Electric Railway.
In addition, the subway Yotsubashi line is “Nishi-Umeda station,” and the Tanimachi line is “Higashi-Umeda station”.
Strictly speaking, each station is a separate station, but the building itself can be said to be the same as a large one, and transfers at each station are usually done on foot.
Therefore, it can be said that “Osaka Station” and “Umeda Station” geographically refer to the same area, and it is common to think that “Higashi-Umeda Station” and “Nishi-Umeda Station” are also included in “Umeda Station”. You can say that.

What is the best way to get from Kansai International Airport to the center of Osaka?

It depends on the area you go to. There are mainly high-speed bus and train options, but the estimated travel times and fees for each area are as follows.
I think it’s best to choose according to your travel plans and budget.

Is Shin-Osaka a place to enjoy?

More than 30 stores in “Eki Marche” are inside the station. There are also many shops on the 2nd and 3rd floors to buy souvenirs.
You can also enjoy Osaka gourmet at Eki Marche. You can go to Shin-Osaka a few hours early until the time of the return Shinkansen and enjoy souvenirs and Osaka gourmet.

Where are the escalators lined up?

Osaka is lined up on the right. I think it’s the basis of lining up on the left in Tokyo, so be especially careful.

What are the main means of transportation in the area?

The most convenient way to go sightseeing in Osaka is by train.
There are many lines, such as JR, subway, and private railways so you can move anywhere.
The main sightseeing spots, the Umeda area, and the Namba / Shinsaibashi area, can also be reached in a few minutes using the Midosuji Line.
If you use your discount tickets well, you can use up the train without worrying about the fare.

area bus Electric train
Namba area Approximately 48 minutes (approximate charge 1,050 yen) Approximately 38 minutes (approximate charge 1,430 yen)
USJ area Approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes (approximate charge 1,550 yen) Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes (approximate charge 1,190 yen)
Umeda / Osaka Station area Approximately 1 hour (approximate charge 1,550 yen) Approximately 1 hour (approximate charge 1,190 yen)
Expo area No direct bus Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (approximate charge of 2,100 yen)

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