Osaka International Airport Trivia

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Osaka International Airport opened in 1939. It is a highly convenient urban airport that provides a domestic network. Introducing the secrets of Osaka International Airport! How many do you know?

It used to operate international flights.

For about 34 years, from 1960, it was active as an “international airport” that operates international flights that send people from Japan to the world. With the opening of Kansai International Airport in 1994, international flights were transferred and are now used as an airport that provides a domestic network.

Osaka International Airport straddles 2 prefectures and 3 cities.

The airport grounds are dotted with excursions, straddling Toyonaka City and Ikeda City in Osaka Prefecture and Itami City in Hyogo Prefecture. The terminal buildings are located in Toyonaka, Ikeda, and Itami. The runways are located in Itami and Toyonaka, which is why they are known as Osaka Airport and Itami Airport.

The plane takes off toward the wind.

At Osaka International Airport, where the north wind often blows, it usually takes off toward the north. When landing, it is landing in the same way toward the wind. That is because it can decelerate in a shorter distance. The north wind or the south wind determines the plane’s travel direction.

❗ Point
Numbers and alphabets on the edge of the runway. This is a “runway number” that indicates the direction of the runway and is based on global rules. Osaka International Airport has “Runway 32 (Runway Three Two)” facing 320 ° clockwise from the magnetic pole and “Runway 14 (Runway One Four)” facing 140 °. Normally, the direction of travel is northward, using runway 32, but in rare cases, runway 14 may be used, commonly known as “one-four”.

It is said to have been measured by the “imperial system”.

The length of “Runway A” on the terminal building side is 1,828m. While there are many runways with a short length, it is said that the runway is halfway because it was made during the time of the US military base. “2,000 yards” in the imperial system! The metric system has an odd length, but the imperial system has a neat and clean length.

The control tower used to be in the center of the terminal building.

The control tower at Osaka International Airport, which has a controller who permits takeoff and landing and instructions for the travel route of the flight scene, is 66.8 m high so that the airplane can operate safely. It was in the center of the terminal building until March 2001. Due to the renewal work, it was relocated to the south side with a better view of the runway.

Crossing the runway is a must.

There are two parallel runways at Osaka International Airport, and you must cross Runway A when using Runway B. This is because the two long and short runways are parallel and the adjacent “close parallel method” is adopted, which is a special operation.

It became number one worldwide in the on-time performance compliance rate ranking.

Osaka International Airport is the world’s number one in the large-scale airport sector in the “OAG Punctuality League 2020”, a ranking of on-time performance compliance rates for airports worldwide compiled by OAG Aviation Worldwide Limited (OAG), which collects and provides aviation-related information. It became the place. Including the recent award in 2019, we have won first place several times.

It is an “observer” that observes the weather.

A pure white, large ball-like object, this is an observer called the “Doppler radar” that observes the distribution of precipitation such as rain and snow. It is intended to respond to sudden changes in the weather around the airport, and is installed in two locations around Osaka International Airport.

There is an “apron-type large soundproof wall”.

Apron type has only one place in Japan * There is a large soundproof wall. Many noise barriers are installed in the area near the house, but this is a facility for testing aircraft engines. It prevents loud noises from spreading.

* At the airport, the parking lot where airplanes are parked is called an “apron”.

It is an energy-saving measure panel.

The art panel designed by Mr. Chisa Duwell is an energy-saving panel. Uses exterior wall panels and glass with high environmental performance. By strengthening the heat insulation of the roof and floor to improve the heating and cooling efficiency, we are also considering energy-saving and environmental measures.

Designed with the concept of Japanese and Kansai.

Osaka International Airport uses the traditional Japanese pattern “hemp leaf pattern”, which is said to be auspicious. Gold leaf and silver leaves are scattered on the pillars using the technique of lacquer work to express a gorgeous and stylish space.

The “Senri River riverbed” is where you can see a powerful airplane.

The Senri Riverbed (Senri River Bank), also known as the sanctuary of airplane fans, is a riverbank on the south side of Osaka International Airport. It is a superb viewpoint where you can see the belly of the landing airplane at a close distance so that you can grab your head. At night, the runway lights and the city’s night view are popular for their fantastic and beautiful scenery.

We provide an umbrella recycling service.

We provide an “umbrella reuse service” as an initiative to improve customer convenience and consider the environment.
There are a total of 5 recycling umbrella corners at Osaka International Airport. Please use it on a sudden rainy day.

There is a pet-only toilet at the group bus stop.

A pet-only toilet is next to the group bus stop (under the monorail station) .
In addition to a pee pole and a trash can for filth, there is also a drinking fountain, so dogs can refresh themselves before boarding, so it’s safe.

* Assistance dogs can also use the multipurpose restroom in the airport.

There is a winery at the airport.

There is the world’s first wine brewery in the airport and the ” Airport Winery “, a wine bar where you can enjoy freshly made wine and Southern Italian cuisine while gazing at the brewing scenery. Preparation courses for the sommelier wine expert qualification exam are also held irregularly.

I have a flower-filled oni.

Surrounded by seasonal flowers, ” Soraya Oniwa ” is a popular photo spot on the observation deck on the 4th floor of the South Terminal.

It is a “walk-through type commercial area.”

In August 2020, it was introduced in Japan as a domestic flight. In the walk-through type commercial area leading to the boarding gate, popular stores that opened for the first time in Kansai and stores in Kansai are lined up. It is a space that can be used for waiting time until boarding and for breaks after arrival.

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