If you know this, Kansai International Airport Master? !!

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If you know this, Kansai International Airport Master? !!


What is the secret hidden in the name of “KIX”?

Do you know why Kansai International Airport is nicknamed KIX? “KIX” is a universal airport code determined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The acronym for Kansai International Airport would be “KIA”, but since the airport in Pub A New Guinea used it first, “KIX” was selected from the remaining alphabets! The feeling of the “kicks” sound is also cool!

What are the numbers “06” and “24” drawn on both ends of the runway at Kansai International Airport?

The numbers drawn on the edge of the runway represent the angle of inclination of the runway clockwise, with true north as 360 degrees. In other words, if there are runways in the north and south of the magnetic pole, it will be “36” and “18”. In the case of KIX, it is “06” and “24”, which means that the runway angle is tilted 60 degrees toward the northeast.
Airplanes always take off and land in the direction of the headwind, so depending on the direction of the wind, the air traffic controllers are instructing whether to go to 06 or 24 ♪

Is it true that only one person lives at Kansai International Airport?

The police chief at the police station at Kansai International Airport! The police chief is obliged to register as a resident at the location of the police station, so he is the only one on the island of Kansai International Airport to register as a resident. Only one of the 17,000 people working at the airport!

Is Kansai International Airport “the best in the world”? Is the toilet really “the best in the world”?

In 2020, the airport ranking announced by Skytrax, a British aviation service research company, ranked first in the world in the “Best Airport Staff” category!
When there was a “toilet cleanliness” section before, it was ranked first twice! Try using the world’s best toilet.

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