What foods can’t be missed in Osaka? Introducing 07 popular specialty gourmet dishes

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Speaking of gourmet food in Osaka, menus such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki, udon with dashi stock, and meat buns can be used as souvenirs. I’m wondering what to eat in a day’s meal, but the problem is that there are more shops than major foods. The atmosphere of the shop changes depending on the area, ranging from a bright and lively shop to a long-established store that is a little deep. This article introduces popular gourmet foods you cannot miss when traveling to Osaka. We have a wide range of information on Osaka’s easy-to-eat powdered gourmet foods and famous stores with many local repeaters, so please refer to them when you visit Osaka.

Osaka, the city of food. The Minami area is said to be a city of eating down in Osaka, and the city of Osaka, including Kitamura, the center of Osaka, is a treasure trove of delicious shops. In addition to trendy cafes and high-end stores, many reasonably-priced and delicious gourmet restaurants satisfy Osakans who are noisy about food, and you can feel the high level. This time, we will introduce carefully selected special gourmet features perfect for finding such a delicious restaurant in Osaka.

Undoubtedly, the Takoyaki of Calitro is delicious, as the name suggests!

Takoyaki is a must-try gourmet when you come to Osaka. At the long-established takoyaki restaurant “Umaiya,” which is a 3-minute walk from Tenjinbashi-suji 6-chome Station, the takoyaki baked by pouring the soup stock twice is a specialty. The savory dough with soy sauce is doubled, and the octopus inside is soft and can be eaten deliciously without adding anything. Of course, it goes well with the sauces you like.

A bite dumpling that originated in Osaka! “Tenpei” Kitashinchi Main Store, a special taste that has been preserved for many years since its establishment

At Tenpei, founded in 1955, you can eat bite-sized dumplings with the flavor of meat and cabbage condensed in the crispy skin. The old-fashioned restaurant with only dumplings on the menu has a unique atmosphere, and you can glimpse the deep world of Osaka. It is a fragrant dish that is perfect for beer, and you are recommended to get hungry for one person with 20 dumplings.

Eating with the okonomiyaki restaurant “Kiji Honten” in the slightly deep Shin Umeda Shokudo district is worth eating.

Okonomiyaki, a perfect match for the rich sauce and fluffy dough, is one of the specialties you cannot miss when you come to Osaka. At “Kiji Honten,” a popular restaurant in the Shin Umeda Shokudo district, where restaurants are lined up, you can enjoy Osaka’s specialty okonomiyaki, including modern and mixed grills. It’s a shop where you can easily get in line, so it’s better to go early.

“551 Horai” pork bun is also a standard souvenir from Kansai! Eat at the main store in Namba, the center of Osaka.

Speaking of pork buns, a staple of Osaka souvenirs, 551 Horai. It is a famous souvenir, but you can also eat it at the restaurant in Namba’s main store. In addition to pork buns, the menu is extensive, and there are also highly satisfying set meals. Anman, a limited edition product, is a must-try item. It’s a 1-minute walk from Namba Subway Station, so it’s recommended to stop by while sightseeing.

Hanshin specialty! Cheap and delicious “Ikayaki” Enjoy standing and drinking at the rumored snack park.

The specialty of the Hanshin Department Store near Osaka Station is squid-yaki, a “flour-mon” menu that combines flour and squid instead of squid-yaki. It is a dish that makes the taste of fragrant sauce addictive, and it is attractive that you can easily eat it while standing. The shops are easy to line up, but the rotation is fast, so you don’t have to wait long. It’s also recommended to have a snack when you’re hungry.

Speaking of Dotonbori, “Kani Doraku”! The signboard that will look good on Instagram has a big impact.

Kani Doraku, marked by the crab sign, which can be said to be a landmark of Osaka, is a restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of dishes such as gorgeous crab kaiseki, easy-to-eat crab set, and sushi. You can eat while looking at the Hori River in Dotonbori, and children’s dishes are also prepared, so it is a nice point that children can use them confidently. Original goods are also sold in the store, so it is recommended to buy souvenirs.

Long-established udon shop “Dotombori Imai Main Store” “Kitsune Udon” with deep and gentle soup stock

The long-established store “Imai”, founded in 1946, is an udon restaurant whose main store is Dotonbori. The feature is that you can enjoy thick, chewy noodles using soup stock that is particular about freshness you never make. The store’s exterior has a dignified atmosphere, even in the Showa retro style, and the interior has a calm setting where you can feel the warmth of wood. You can enjoy udon while enjoying the atmosphere slowly.

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