10 restaurants where you can eat “fashionable breakfast in Osaka “

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When you have more time than usual, you want to spend meaningful time working from the morning, but you can’t get out of your futon. This time, we will introduce Osaka’s “stylish breakfast,” which will make you want to wake up early and eat it. (Information is correct at the time of publication. We recommend you check the details on the official website in advance.)

1. LE SUCRE-COEUR / Dojima Beach

We would like to introduce you to LE SUCRE-COEUR, a 2-minute walk from Oebashi Station. The restaurant opens at 10 am, so it’s perfect for brunch. The characteristic of this 

bread is that it has a crispy and firm dough. You can taste it in your mouth. Among them, the heart-shaped “Pancool” looks lovely. 

It varies depending on the day, but the bread has a sweet taste, such as chocolate, strawberry, or lemon, so that you can enjoy it like a dessert. There are other delicious-looking 

bread in the showcase. It’s a popular shop, so it’s recommended to aim for it right after opening.

2. Ware Ware Wa / Honmachi

9 restaurants where you can eat “fashionable breakfast” in Osaka. This shop with a unique name is an affiliated shop of “Bread and Espresso” and has just been renewed in 2020. It is located in the middle of Sakaisuji Honmachi and  Honmachi. This restaurant is known for its set meals that you can enjoy at lunchtime, but it opens at 8:00 and has a morning-only menu. You can choose from two types of rice ball set meals or red bean paste butter toast, which are comforting dishes.

3. Victory / Edobori

Next up is Victory. Located about 10 minutes on foot from Nakanoshima Station, this coffee shop is located in a complicated back alley and is known only to those in the 

know. The shop’s atmosphere is small and calm, so you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city and have a relaxing time here. This sandwich set is what I would like you to have in the morning at this restaurant. There are many variations of sandwiches such as “Tuna Sandwiches”, “Katsu Sandwiches,” and “Special Mixed Sandwich”. You can also choose between a set that comes with a sandwich and coffee or a set that comes with soup or juice.

4. LONG WALK COFFEE / Minamimorimachi

The next shop to introduce is “LONG WALK COFFEE.” This restaurant is popular for its unique-looking keema curry that can be enjoyed at lunchtime, and the egg toast you can have in the morning is also popular! The texture of the egg is a fun dish on crisp toast. In addition to egg toast, there are ham cheese toast and butter toast sets. The shop is closed on Thursdays (sometimes irregularly), and opens at 8:00 on weekdays and 9:30 on weekends and holidays.

5. Talo Coffee / Fukaebashi

Next, I would like to introduce “Talo Coffee.” This popular restaurant opens at 8:00 in the morning. It is popular for its photogenic menu items, such as the thick omelet sandwich with fluffy tamagoyaki and the red bean paste butter sandwich. The breakfast set comes with bread and a drink, and depending on the price, it comes with a boiled egg, salad, yogurt, and more. 

In addition to the standard butter and jam toast, you can choose from 7 types of bread, such as cheese and egg sandwiches. Try to cheer up with a nutritionally balanced morning!

6. Bread, Espresso, and Minamimorimachi Intersection / Minamimorimachi

Next, I would like to introduce a bakery called “Bread, Espresso and.” From 8:00 to 11:00, you can order a breakfast menu with bread and a drink. 

Bread can be selected from toast, red bean butter toast, French toast, etc.The writer’s 

recommendation is the French toast that uses the popular bread “Mu.” Once you bite the fluffy French toast, it melts in no time. I can’t get enough of the texture. Sprinkle as much honey as you like, and enjoy!

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