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“America-mura” is the epicenter of Osaka. Within walking distance of Shinsaibashi, this place is full of popular shops and fashion. This time, I will introduce how to enjoy such an American village to the fullest!

What kind of place is Amerikamura?

“America-mura” in the Shinsaibashi district of Osaka is a fashionable place everyone in Osaka knows. Known as “Amerikamura”, it is lined with popular shops and is crowded with students and tourists on holidays.

Amerikamura started around the 1970s. In contrast to the bustle of the nearby Shinsaibashi shopping street, one cafe, “LOOP,” was born in this quiet area.

Mariko Higiri, a space designer, designed this cafe, where young people with high fashion sensitivity, mainly young designers, gradually changed the city’s atmosphere.

Meanwhile, there was a voice saying, “It’s a waste to keep this town just a warehouse district,” and there was an event to sell records, T-shirts, used clothes, etc., which are rare in Japan, in a flea market format using warehouses and parking lots. It was done. This is said to be the origin of the current American village.

In 1990, large commercial facilities such as Tower Records and OPA will open in the developed American village. At the same time, large-scale stores such as UNITED ARROWS and BEAMS opened, and facilities targeting young people, such as live houses and movie theaters, opened one after another. As a result, Amerikamura has 2,500 stores, about 10 times that of 10 years ago, and has become famous as a “mecca for young people” where young people from all over the country gather.

Now that the image of “Youth = American Village” has taken root, the number of unique young people and shops is increasing. It continues to develop into an attractive city where various cultures, such as fashion, music, and art, are intertwined.
In 2012, the first Japanese store of “Flying Tiger Copenhagen”, a popular general store in Denmark, opened in Amerikamura and attracted much attention. In this way, Amerikamura has become a popular area for tourists and young people, where many popular shops are gathered.

Let’s go around fashionable second-hand clothing stores.

There are many unique second-hand clothing stores in America-mura, known as the origin of fashion and fashion in Osaka. Also, it is a nice point that many shops are reasonably priced. Here, we would like to introduce a second-hand clothing store recommended for both boys and girls! Let’s collect used clothes in America-mura and dye them in Osaka color.

“Pigsty” where you can get used American casual clothes at a reasonable price

This shop has old American casual clothes like Amerikamura. The spacious store, about 50 tsubos, is lined with many high-quality second-hand clothes carefully selected and procured by buyers. Anyone can enjoy shopping with a wide lineup, from vintage items from the 30s to 80s to used clothing that keeps the trend down. Undoubtedly, you will find your favorite with a wide selection of over 3,000 items!

If you are new to used clothing, go here first! “KINJI”

I want to dress up in old clothes, but I don’t know what to do … If you like that, go to “KINJI”.
The threshold is low, and it is easy for beginners to enter. The price is surprisingly low, so even if you are new to second-hand clothing, you can rest assured. The more you check the used clothing regularly, the more fun it is to find a bargain with a wide selection of items.

Meet the charismatic clerk! “Santonibunnoichi”

From junior high school students to adults, “Santonibunnoichi” is extremely popular and has a store in Harajuku, Tokyo. The popularity is the charisma of the staff! Some staff are active as reader models, and many people visit the store to meet the staff.

Inside the store, you will find carefully selected second-hand clothes that are pastel and cute. Many second-hand clothes purchased from overseas are large in size, and their “loose” feeling is also popular with young people.

There are many easy gourmet foods in Amerikamura that you can walk while eating! Some rare gourmet foods can only be found here in Japan, so try them while shopping.

The famous squid grilled! “The squid”

Next to the famous takoyaki restaurant “Wanaka” is “The Squid”, which is grilled with “squid”. Speaking of Osaka, takoyaki is famous, but squid grill is also very popular in Osaka.

Osaka-style squid grilling is made by dissolving wheat flour in water and grilling it with squid. The sauce comes out from the inside, and it is delicious. If you’ve come to Osaka with all your might, let’s eat up all kinds of flour.

A new type of ice sandwich, “Original Ice Dog.”

This shop is where you can enjoy “ice dogs” that you are unfamiliar with. “Ice dog” is a food made by sandwiching cold soft serve ice cream in fried bread quickly raised at a high temperature. The slightly warm and fluffy bread goes great with the soft-serve ice cream! Be aware that in the hot summer, eating outside will melt quickly.

A must-see for girls! Instagram-worthy sweets


COLONY by EQI” for a dessert that is too cute

This shop is where you can enjoy pastry chef handmade desserts in a cute shop. Shortcakes with a cute box-like design and fruit parfaits resembling flowers are popular.

If you tire of shopping in Amerikamura, take a break with sweets.


Authentic Taiwanese exquisite tapioca “Q & D TAPIOCA”

This store, which originated in Taiwan and has two stores in Osaka, still has only one in Osaka in Japan. Chewy tapioca drinks have a wide variety of menus, and you can enjoy them at a reasonable price of less than 500 yen. The sophisticated design of the store looks great on Instagram! Let’s take photogenic photos with tapioca as the main.

Cheap and cute petite plastic miscellaneous goods tour

The topic of the first landing in Osaka! “Flying Tiger Copenhagen”

This shop, where you can find Scandinavian miscellaneous goods at a reasonable price, became a hot topic when it landed here in Amerikamura for the first time in Asia. You can find colorful and cute miscellaneous goods in the large two-story store.
We have a wide range of products from kitchen miscellaneous goods to party goods, so you can enjoy it just by looking at it for no purpose. There are plenty of accessories, so it is a popular spot for elementary and junior high school students in Osaka.

Feeling lost in the world of Alice “Alice on Wednesday.”

This shop, where you can enjoy the cuteness even before you enter the building, is a concept shop with the motif of Alice in Wonderland. You can feel lost in Alice’s world by going through a small door you can’t enter without bending over.
The store has many accessories and motifs, such as Alice, ribbons, and playing cards. We have a wide range of products that suit people of all ages, from small children to adult women. Most cost about 2,000 yen, so it’s easy to pick up.
There are a wide variety of sweets that are great as souvenirs. The popular stained glass pattern chocolate is perfect for a small gift. In addition, we have a wide range of products, such as colorful popcorn, which became very popular in Tokyo, and cookies with cute packaging. You can still enjoy the atmosphere of Alice when you get home.

Comparison of eating takoyaki, a specialty of Osaka

Many takoyaki restaurants are famous in Osaka in America-mura. Let’s master Osaka’s takoyaki by eating and comparing various shops.

Speaking of Amerikamura, “Kougaryu”

Kougaryu is a place that cannot be removed from Amerikamura’s takoyaki. It is said to be the first restaurant to use mayonnaise on takoyaki.

Located in front of the Triangle Park in America-mura, the standard course is to buy it here and eat it at the park. A popular shop that is famous for people in Osaka and can be lined up. The hot and savory takoyaki is truly exquisite, and is a well-known restaurant that is also listed in Michelin.

If you want to enjoy unique takoyaki, “Daigen”

This shop has a wide variety of takoyaki. You can enjoy various flavors, from basic sauces and soy sauce flavors to those with green onions, spicy takoyaki, and Western-style flavors with cheese.

A menu called “Taco Ball” is also perfect for walking around. A plate is on the drink, and you can pick up takoyaki while drinking juice. If you are tired of ordinary takoyaki, why don’t you enjoy it by changing the taste?

“Takoyaki Douraku Wanaka” promoted by locals

This popular store, with several stores in Osaka, is also recommended by locals. The menu is also extensive, from the royal road sauce takoyaki to the omelet with green onion salt ponzu and omelet.

“Oiri,” which comes in 8 pieces and allows you to enjoy 4 different flavors, is recommended for sharing with friends. It is a takoyaki grilled firmly rather than simmering, and it is recommended to compare the difference with other restaurants and eat it.

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