7 Hotels & Guest Houses with Cafes and Bars

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If you haven’t decided on a hotel for a girls’ trip to Osaka, why not stay at an inn with a nice cafe or bar? There are many fashionable hotels and guesthouses with cafes in Osaka. You can have a delicious coffee or breakfast at an inn with a cafe when you wake up or talk over a drink at night. Even if you don’t know the land, you can get information by interacting with people you meet at the inn, which makes your trip even more enjoyable. Here are some recommended “hotels and guesthouses with cafes and bars” in Osaka!

“HOSTEL & CAFE BAR” for a stylish meal at a stylish inn

“HOSTEL & CAFEBAR” is a complex of accommodations and restaurants. There are many places in Osaka where you can enjoy such inns and gourmet food simultaneously. Delicious coffee to drink immediately after waking up, and the comfort of putting it in bed immediately after drinking alcohol. There is a unique service to an inn with a cafe and bar.

1. HOTEL Noum Osaka

A gentle time to feel nature, even in the city

HOTEL Noum Osaka” is a 6-minute walk from Temmabashi Station on the Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line. There are many of vegetation around the hotel that you can see when you walk along the river, and it has a relaxing atmosphere. It is a hotel with a gentle atmosphere where you can feel nature even in the city.

The room is Western-style, with a gentle atmosphere based on white and cozy space. A simple yet tasteful sofa and a clean and comfortable bed will help you to heal the tiredness of your trip and get a good night’s sleep. You can choose your favorite type, single, twin, or double.

There is a cafe lounge on the first floor where you can have breakfast. Among the breakfasts you can choose, the recommended menu is avocado toast and granola with plenty of fruit. It looks cute and fashionable, and you’ll be fine in the morning! After hours, you can use it as a cafe and enjoy coffee and sweets.

2. HIPPO Hostel & Cafe Bar

Let’s get together with the people we met at the cafe bar ♩

“HIPPO Hostel & Cafe Bar” is 5 minutes from Tsuruhashi Station. You can reach Shinsaibashi and Namba in 5 to 10 minutes by train. Not only is it in an easily accessible place, but it also looks fashionable, and you will be thrilled when you enter.

At the cafe bar on the 1st floor, talking with the inn staff and other guests is recommended while drinking alcohol or coffee. The word of mouth of the customer service is also very good, and you should be able to talk happily. It would be nice to ask about Osaka, such as recommended sightseeing spots.

You can choose a Western-style private room or a dormitory. A sophisticated atmosphere with high ceilings. The shared shower room is also kept very clean. You can have a comfortable stay that you can spend as if you were living.

3. Guesthouse U-en

A pioneer of a guest house that has renovated a traditional Japanese restaurant

“Guesthouse U-en” is about a 5-minute walk from JR Fukushima Station. This inn is a renovated former restaurant over 100 years old and a long-established guest house that has been around since the guesthouse was not generally familiar. The staff is very friendly and there are many repeaters.

The first floor is a cafe, and the second is a guest house. There are private rooms and dormitories, and the feature is that it has a Japanese taste. The bath and toilet are shared, and guests can use the lounge space freely.

In the cafe space on the 1st floor, a cafe called “Akutagawa Coffee” mainly uses home-roasted coffee, and a curry shop called “Spice Curry Continent” are open together. Curry is so famous and popular that you can line up on weekends. It seems that you can enjoy this inn alone.

4. Guest House Kiun

A guesthouse where you can experience downtown Osaka

“Guesthouse Mokumoku” is located downtown, about a 3-minute walk from Hankyu Awaji Station. There is a community kitchen next to it, and depending on the day, it becomes a bar, a curry shop, and the shops change daily. You can enjoy delicious coffee at a coffee shop called “Toaru Coffee”, a nearby cafe.
At “Showa Yu”, a few places away, you can enter the public bath for free during your stay. The attraction of “Guesthouse Mokumoku” is that it welcomes guests throughout the area. You can experience the downtown life of Osaka by using the shops nearby and interacting with the people there.
There are Japanese-style rooms and dormitories; you can specify the room when you stay and make a reservation. It is a nostalgic room with a Showa-era feeling, as you came to a grandmother.

5. Air Osaka Hostel

A guest house like a hideaway in the forest

“Air Osaka Hostel” is about a 2-minute walk from Kitakagaya Station. Kita Kagaya is a prosperous spot where artists gather. “Air Osaka Hostel” is also familiar with the town’s atmosphere, and you can feel the atmosphere of a hideaway museum.
The first floor is a cafe that guests and the general public can use. There are lots of plants and art in the hall, which has a handmade feel, and the atmosphere is lively and warm.
The building is old, but you can enjoy art in the stylishly renovated rooms. You can choose a private room or dormitory; the bath and toilet are shared. Why don’t you experience the feeling of living in the scent of art in Osaka?

6. Himesato Guesthouse Icone

The guest house where you can enjoy the local exchange

“Himesato Guesthouse Icone” is about a 5-minute walk from Hanshin Himejima Station. This community-based guesthouse is run by an environmental NPO called the Aozora Foundation.
It is a guest house using a Nagaya, and next to it is a cafe called “Whale Cafe”. The cafe is used by guests for dining and by neighbors as a venue for cafes and seminars.
All the rooms are private, and they are Japanese-style rooms with a handmade feel. The common area is a place to eat and interact with other guests. In the room when you want to relax, in the common area when you want to talk to someone. It looks like you can have a well-balanced stay!


I’m glad to be close to Universal Studios Japan!

“HOSTEL JIN” is just off JR Nishikujo Station. Recommended if you go to Universal Studios Japan. It’s two stations away, and it’s a nice point that there are many restaurants around the station.
“HOSTEL JIN”, created by remodeling an apartment, has clean flooring like an apartment. The interior has a calm design based on natural colors. Even if you get tired of playing at USJ and come home, you can take a break.
The first floor is a lounge room and cafe bar. You can drink coffee-based drinks using authentic espresso during the day and alcohol at night. Enjoy chatting with your friends and interacting with the people around you with a drink.

Experience that can only be done at an inn with a cafe

We introduced an inn in Osaka with a cafe and bar. It is recommended because you can enjoy both accommodation and gourmet food simultaneously and interact with local people. The best way to hear about Osaka is to ask people who live or work! It will tell you the information you can’t get online or in books. It will surely be a memorable experience to interact with them and make them smile ♪ Please choose this as an inn for girls’ trips

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