7 amusement parks that you can enjoy

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Namba Parks

Directly connected to Nankai Namba Station, Namba Parks is an urban complex where you can enjoy more than 200 diverse stores and Parks Gardens with various plants. Many events are held according to the season, and you can enjoy different expressions each time you go. There is also a movie theater on the upper floors, which is unusual for facilities directly connected to the station so that you can enjoy movies.

Spa world

This is a large indoor spa facility where you can bathe in all 11 types. Divided into the European zone and the Asian zone, you can take a bath that makes you happy just by taking a bath that recreates an ancient Roman bath, a blue cave, or a bath that resembles an Islamic mosque. There is also a bedrock bath in the world, which both men and women can enjoy.
Spa World also has a heated pool that you can enjoy all year round. There is also a thrilling waterslide, making it a perfect facility for rainy days to enjoy all day long.


This entertainment facility is in Expo City in Suita City, Osaka City. You can enjoy sports indoors using the latest video technology.

The highlight is “Nigekir”, where you can compete with the beasts of the savanna in ultra-sprints. This is a sport in which a beast is reflected on a large screen, and next to it, it runs at full speed for a very short distance.
In addition, you can enjoy sports such as curling and archery that you cannot usually experience.
Legoland Discovery Center Osaka
The Legoland Discovery Center is an indoor experience-based attraction facility where you can play with over 3 million Lego blocks. The target is children aged 3 to 10 years, and adults cannot enter. Lego characters are everywhere in the hall, and you can see the reproduction of the world’s architecture with Lego. There is also a 4D cinema where you can enjoy wearing glasses.
Umeda Joypolis
You can enjoy thrilling attractions even indoors at Joypolis, an indoor amusement park in Umeda. Wild River is especially popular because you can enjoy a screaming torrent tour in the dark. There are also haunted houses and ride-type attractions, so you can fully enjoy the amusement park even on rainy days.
Oedo Onsen Monogatari Minoh Onsen Spa Garden

Oedo Onsen Monogatari is a hot spring facility where you can enjoy entertainment and hot springs indoors. The hot spring is called Bijin no Yu, and a family bath can be reserved. There are also 5 types of bedrock bath facilities, so you can spend a relaxing time while sweating.
There is also a fair corner where you can enjoy the festive mood daily. Let’s get excited while feeling nostalgic for yo-yo fishing and hitting.


This is an indoor facility where you can enjoy learning English. You can experience English naturally in a space that makes you feel as if you were traveling to the United States while you were in Japan.

There are 23 types of situation rooms in the museum where you can experience the daily life and culture of the United States, and you can experience the theme-based content with the instructor in each room. There are various situations, such as airplanes, banks, TV stations, and Hollywood. Courses for adults are also available.

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