Safe even in sudden rain! Large commercial facilities in Osaka

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Expo City

There are many indoor facilities that you can enjoy even on rainy days at Expo City next to the Expo ‘70 Commemorative Park in Suita City, Osaka. LaLaport has a wide range of shops lined up on a vast site to meet the needs of all generations. In addition, the popular pancake shop Eggs’n Things and Nifrel, Orbi, and VS PARK are introduced in this column, so you can enjoy it all day long. There is also a movie theater, so it’s perfect for dates.


HEP FIVE is a commercial facility in Umeda, Osaka, with impressive red color. The shops inside are mainly young casuals in their teens to 30s. There are cafes and restaurants on the upper floors, and it is a commercial facility where you can enjoy the whole day, even if it rains. Also, in September 2018, an amusement called VR ZONE, where you can experience the latest VR, will open, so it seems that it will evolve into a facility that makes it easier to enjoy rainy days.

Tennoji MIO

Tennoji MIO, which is adjacent to JR Tennoji Station, is a large-scale commercial facility with approximately 370 stores, including the Tennoji Mio Main Building and the Plaza Building.
In the spring of 2018, a large-scale renewal was held, and a floor with an eat-in corner called “Mio Ekitchin” and a deli and sweets shop opened. In addition, there are plenty of shops with large furniture and miscellaneous goods for couples and families.

Abeno Q’s Mall

Abeno Q’s Mall is a commercial facility with plenty of family-friendly stores.
As for food, there are many shops that you can enjoy with your families, such as the food court, Kushiya Monogatari, where you can fried skewers yourself, shabu-shabu, and yakiniku. There is a wide range of shops for families, such as accessory shops for junior and senior high school students and fashion brands for mothers.


Tempozan Marketplace

Tempozan Marketplace is a large commercial facility next to Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, one of the largest aquariums in the world. There are a lot of gourmet foods here, and at Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho, you can enjoy various Osaka gourmet foods indoors. The shops are mainly miscellaneous goods and souvenir shops, and the lineup is such that you can enjoy it even if you stop by.



Trendy gourmet and popular fashion brands from Osaka are gathered in the large station building “LUCUA” directly connected to JR Osaka Station. Most of the shops in the store are high-quality brands that are a little mature and are mainly aimed at office ladies who use Osaka Station. We also have a lineup of high-quality select shops such as BEAMS and UNITED ARROWS.

As for food, there are a wide range of restaurants, such as easy-to-eat bagels and donut shops, as well as restaurants where you can enjoy a relaxing time.

LUCUA 1100

As an annex of LUCUA, it is a commercial facility with the concept of fusing the gaps and contrasts of various products and shops. In addition to shops where you can get good products such as GU and UNIQLO, we also have a lineup of shops with high-quality products such as ISETAN closets. In “Baltica”, which spreads underground, there are many open taverns with no walls, and it is bustling with people.


Abeno Harukas

Abeno Harukas, directly connected to Osaka Abenobashi Station, is a famous commercial facility as the tallest building in Japan. On the B2 to 14th floors is the main store of Kintetsu Department Store, which was in this area before Abeno Harukas was built. From the 12th floor to the 14th floor, there is a wide variety of restaurants as Abeno Harukas Dining. Especially recommended on rainy days is the Abeno Harukas Museum on the 16th floor. You rarely go to the museum without getting wet because it’s directly connected to the station. Here, a special exhibition whose contents change depending on the time is held.


Grand Front Osaka

Grand Front Osaka is a large commercial facility directly connected to JR Osaka Station by deck. It is divided into the South Building and the North Building, and the South Building has a wide range of fashion brands and restaurants.

The North Building has a lab space called Knowledge Capital, which houses unusual shops such as Mos Burger, where you can eat vegetables grown in the shop and a restaurant where you can eat tuna cultivated at Kinki University.
In addition, “UMEKITA FLOOR” on the upper floor of the North Building is an open space where you can collect and eat the dishes of the restaurants on the floor, and it is open until 4 am.

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